Training and Assessment

Training and Assessment

Resources, tool, information and forum for trainers and assessors in the workplace.

This site will focus on the topic of on-the-job training and assessment.  It is for staff involved in the delivery of training and the conducting of assessment of adults in any industry across the world. 

I also wish to stir away as much as possible from jargon, acronyms and the colourful and creative terms that are being spawned recently in adult training education.  I am mindful that this site will be visited by trainers from all over the world--and from countries which are in the phase of developing training and assessment standards for the workplace.

I have had the good fortune of travelling all around the world delivering training and assessment courses to  support instructors and examiners in various organizations, from government bodies, law enforcement and major commercial organizations.  Wherever I went in the world I found that all the wonderful people I met had one specific concern--the success and progress of their students and the sincere desire to help others.

I also noticed that in some countries training and assessment standards in the workplace were literally non-existent.  Pollicises about occupational health and safety, on the job training and workplace inductions were simply not there.  Some employers expected their "employees" to learn by observing other workers and by imitating them--that was their interpretation of on-the-job training.

Recently there has been a large shift in consciousness about the need for training and assessment in the workplace.  Companies world wide are realizing that a well trained workforce is a more productive workforce and a safer workforce.  They are also realizing that workplace training and assessment translates into more profits and less downtime caused by accidents and that it also leads to a happier and a more satisfied people.

As this site grows you will find articles, tools, resources and opportunities for networking.

Please begin your participation by joining the blog and by following the twitter account below.  Use the blog to ask questions and to talk about your training and assessment activities and needs.

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